No Accountability for Tragedy: The Injustice of Impeachment Rejection


The recent decision by the Constitutional Court to reject the impeachment trial against Lee Sang-min, the Minister of the Ministry of Administration and Safety, has sparked outrage among citizens who sought justice for the victims of the tragic Itaewon disaster. This calamity, which claimed numerous lives due to inadequate disaster response, has left the nation questioning where the responsibility lies. In this blog post, we express our frustration and anger at the unjust outcome of the impeachment trial and shed light on the significance of holding public officials accountable for their actions.

The Disastrous Itaewon Incident

On October 29, the Itaewon disaster struck, highlighting the glaring shortcomings in disaster preparedness and response within the Ministry of Administration and Safety. In the wake of this tragedy, citizens demanded answers and accountability from the Minister, Lee Sang-min, who was in charge of ensuring the nation’s safety. However, the response from the Ministry was lackluster and ineffective, leaving many to suffer without the necessary aid and support during those crucial moments.

The Impeachment Efforts

In February, following mounting public pressure and outrage, the National Assembly, led by the Democratic Party of Korea, the Justice Party, and the Basic Income Party, initiated the impeachment proceedings against Minister Lee Sang-min. The grounds for impeachment were clear – his inadequate handling of the Itaewon disaster and his inappropriate remarks during the crisis.

Why Impeachment Rejected?

To the dismay of the nation, the Constitutional Court unanimously rejected the impeachment trial. The Court reasoned that the disaster was not caused by one individual but rather the collective failure of various government agencies to handle large-scale disasters effectively. Consequently, Minister Lee Sang-min’s accountability alone could not be established as the primary cause of the tragedy.

The Flawed Rationale

The Court’s decision has left citizens baffled and angry. While the disaster may have been a result of systemic failures, it cannot be denied that Minister Lee Sang-min played a crucial role in the delayed response and the lack of appropriate actions. His inability to promptly establish a disaster response center and his disregard for the “golden time” for rescue operations were clear indicators of his incompetence and irresponsibility.

The Cry for Justice

The rejection of the impeachment trial has sent a chilling message to the nation – that those in positions of power can evade accountability for their actions. This decision has further eroded the public’s trust in the government and raises questions about the fairness of our justice system.

The Way Forward

In the pursuit of justice, we cannot let this matter rest. The families of the victims and concerned citizens must unite and demand a thorough investigation into the Itaewon disaster. We call upon the government to establish a special law to uncover the truth behind the incident and hold all responsible parties accountable, regardless of their rank or position.


The rejection of Lee Sang-min’s impeachment trial has left us disheartened and disillusioned. The lives lost in the Itaewon disaster deserve justice, and it is our duty as citizens to ensure that those in power are held accountable for their actions. We must strive for a system that prioritizes the safety and well-being of the people and demands transparency and accountability from our leaders. Let us stand together in demanding justice for the victims of the Itaewon tragedy and work towards a future where no one is above the law.