“Nongshim to Launch ‘Shin Ramyun The Red’: The Hottest Ramen Yet!”

Exciting news for all spicy food lovers! Nongshim, the renowned South Korean instant noodle manufacturer, is set to release their latest creation, ‘Shin Ramyun The Red,’ on August 14th. This new addition to the Shin Ramyun lineup boasts an impressive Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of 7,500, double the spiciness of the original Shin Ramyun at 3,400 SHU. With this fiery intensity, ‘Shin Ramyun The Red’ is poised to become Nongshim’s spiciest ramen ever, surpassing even the popular ‘Angry Neoguri’ which stands at 6,080 SHU.

The Quest for Irresistible Spiciness:
To achieve the mouthwatering heat of ‘Shin Ramyun The Red,’ Nongshim has carefully crafted its flavor profile. The recipe includes an increased amount of Cheongyang chili pepper, known for its fiery kick. Additionally, the broth is enriched with beef and shiitake mushrooms, elevating the richness and depth of the overall flavor.

Perfecting the Flavors:
Nongshim takes pride in crafting an authentic and satisfying eating experience for its consumers. To enhance the tantalizing taste, the seasoning powder includes aromatic ingredients that add a delightful touch to the spicy goodness. Furthermore, the additional toppings consist of more than double the amount of shiitake mushrooms and choy sum compared to the original Shin Ramyun, making each bite even more delightful and fulfilling.

Limited Edition Release:
Mark your calendars! ‘Shin Ramyun The Red’ will hit the shelves on August 14th, but be aware that it will only be available for a limited time. With its unparalleled spiciness and upgraded flavor profile, this limited edition ramen is sure to become a hot commodity among spicy food enthusiasts and instant noodle aficionados alike.

In conclusion, Nongshim’s ‘Shin Ramyun The Red’ promises to take ramen lovers on a fiery and flavorful adventure. Don’t miss the chance to experience this sizzling sensation; make sure to grab your limited edition pack while it lasts. Get ready to challenge your taste buds and indulge in the ultimate spicy ramen delight!