A Journey Through the Remarkable World of 일품진로 (Ilpum Jinro) Whisky


Embark on a fascinating journey through the illustrious world of 일품진로 (Ilpum Jinro) whisky, a premium and highly sought-after collection that has captivated the hearts of whisky connoisseurs and collectors alike. With its rich history, exceptional craftsmanship, and limited-edition releases, 일품진로 stands as a symbol of excellence in the realm of distilled spirits. Join us as we explore the various editions of this distinguished whisky, each offering a unique and memorable experience for discerning palates.

  1. 一品眞露 목통숙성 (2007년, 30%, 450ml)

The journey begins with the iconic 一品眞露 목통숙성, a classic masterpiece that captivated whisky enthusiasts upon its release in 2007. This exquisite whisky is aged in wooden barrels and boasts a rich and mellow flavor profile. With its elegant packaging, this edition has become a cherished collector’s item, symbolizing the excellence and heritage of 일품진로.

  1. 일품진로 10년숙성 (2010년, 23%, 360ml)

In 2010, the 일품진로 collection expanded with the introduction of the 일품진로 10년숙성. A true testament to craftsmanship, this whisky features a refined and balanced flavor profile, making it a favorite among enthusiasts seeking a smooth and satisfying sip. Its sleek packaging, adorned with Korean calligraphy, adds a touch of elegance to this exceptional release.

  1. 일품진로 10년숙성 리뉴얼 (2013년, 25%, 375ml)

The 일품진로 10년숙성 리뉴얼 garnered immense popularity with its square-shaped bottle and enhanced alcohol content. This sought-after edition underwent a meticulous renewal process, resulting in a whisky that exudes sophistication and complexity. Though discontinued in 2018 due to limited stock of aged whisky, whispers of a potential comeback have enthusiasts eagerly anticipating its return.

  1. 일품진로 1924 (2018년, 25%, 375ml)

As a replacement for the 10년숙성, the 일품진로 1924 offers a distinct experience with its oak barrel aging process. Released in 2018, this whisky presents a different color and taste profile, yet continues to captivate aficionados with its unique allure. Though met with praise for its content, the packaging has drawn some critique for its transparent appearance, reminiscent of cheaper domestic whisky bottles.

  1. 일품진로 한정판 시리즈 (2018년~, 31%, 375ml)

A coveted collection that commenced in 2018, the 일품진로 한정판 시리즈 features limited-edition releases from 18년산 to 22년산, each showcasing aged whisky with distinct character and flavor. Originally destined for exclusive establishments, these releases have now become a sensation in the growing distilled spirits market, with reselling prices surpassing even premium whiskies and brandies.


일품진로 (Ilpum Jinro) whisky stands as a testament to the artistry and passion of Korean distillation. Each edition of this distinguished collection offers an exquisite and unique experience, making them prized possessions among collectors and whisky enthusiasts worldwide. As we continue to journey through the legacy of 일품진로, it’s evident that this exceptional whisky will continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of distilled spirits for years to come. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a connoisseur seeking a memorable tasting experience, 일품진로 whisky promises to deliver unparalleled satisfaction and delight with every sip.